Goodbye to the Website

Hey guys…we have some sad news. After a few months of having this website up, we have to close it due to the fact that none of us wanted to pay $99/year to keep this website up. You can however follow us on out new blog page on Tumblr! We will still be posting the same content! All of our post that we haven’t posted will be moved to the tumblr page so be sure to follow us there! Thank you for all the readers and subscribers who have supported us in or journey. -xoxo Mr.PricelessBeauty Tumblr: Ms.PricelessBeauty New Blog   … Continue reading Goodbye to the Website

10 Long Distance Relationship Tips

Yes, 2 months of being MIA, but I’m back now! So many of you asked if I can do a long distance relationship blog. I tried my best and this is what I have so far.  I once asked someone,  “Why are you in a long distance relationship?” She said, “To be honest, it wasn’t in my intention to be in a long distance relationship. It just happened like that. Out of the blue, I realized I really love this guy. He’s so different from everyone else. He’s so dashing, nice, gentle, and etc…. He has all the qualities I’m … Continue reading 10 Long Distance Relationship Tips