Transitioning from a high school to a college.

Hey guys! It’s me Suzane.

I thought today I’d blog a little about school… (I could have done this months ago but the thought of blogging never hit me.) (I also have a lot of free time on my hands.) Not anything bad, but you know it’s a little bit into the school year already and you know what? I’m going to blog about school. Anyway… I’m not sure what the state policies are for this, but here we have something called PSEO. Post Secondary Education Option. It allows you to get college and high school credits while attending class at your local college. The BEST switch I ever made let’s be honest here. I can list a couple reasons why:

  • You get high school AND college credits! You’re going to be saving a sh*t ton of money. I mean no one wants to pay off all their college debt am I right?
  • You’re going to be ahead of the game and possibly might graduate early.
  • Personally for me, college kids are lot more mature and serious than high school students. (OMG my high school is INSANE. The sophomores are like demons and get into fights so often. It’s so crazy I’m glad I left.)
  • This one is also really based off my experience as well, but I actually have a lot of free time. I mean, yeah, this is college and it will be tough, but you have more time to do your work and more responsibilities. I only take 4 classes but it’s a lot better have homework due next week all the time then have homework in 7 classes and turning it all in tomorrow…
  • Freedom. You manage your own schedule on your own time. It’s all on you. Nobody is going to remind you what to do and when to do it. You’re on your own.
  • I’m just going to add this but you get to make friends? I seriously have not made a butt load of friends. I knew one already from my high school and the other 2 I made through Stephanie. Seriously though I don’t have any… T.T
  • That and I NEVER have to return to the high school again…

I mean transitioning schools isn’t bad. I mean if you want to stay at your high school go ahead. I thought it was a good idea for me even though none of my friends really wanted to do it. (Hence why I am friendless at this college.) It was a pain to apply but I don’t regret it. Of course I had to take the Accuplacer which is a test to decide which classes I’m allowed to take based on my scores.

I was great for like 3 months then school hit and I was terrified. I mean first day of college vs first day of high school? The first day of college would freak you out more. You really don’t absolutely know ANYONE. I only knew Stephanie but we had zero classes together. After a few weeks, I got the hang of it and I slowly slipped into it and it was normal. To this day I still don’t friends but it’s a great thing, Try it out my high school buddies!

(BTW: For the website, all three of us will be having separate catgories as well which will be about our lives and life lessons and experiences we want to share with you guys! We’re working on it but if you want to know a little bit about us as well as get some little snipits of life lessons click on one of us!)

** Also I stayed up late just to write this…this topic has pondered me for so long… I have homework to finish…it’s 12:05am…

New post tomorrow! Hopefully the other girls join in…

-xoxo Suzane


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