Balancing School, Work, and Occasionally Writing Time

It’s me again! Suzane guys…. (waves)

I’m here to talk to you guys about balancing three things that are eating away at my life (in a good way). I don’t know, maybe this post will help you balance important things and how to give yourself a break and some free time . Let’s get started!

  1. I have school five days a week, every day at a college. The classes aren’t crazy stressful at all but as of the moment finals are coming out. I have an important essay due in two weeks and a math test and final coming up. (I suck at math so I should be worried.)
  2. I currently have a job and I work  4 days a week for about 4-6 hours depending on what my schedule is really.
  3. It’s November which is NaNoWriMo time! This is actually my first year doing it and that leads to my next point really…
  4. Ms.PricelessBeauty has a blog now! Which means while Alissa and Stephanie are behind the camera entertaining you guys with their videos, I’m manning down the blog site for them so in a way I’m entertaining you guys through blogging. I’m not good n camera.

Anyway lets start: You have to get your priorities down first. Whether it be school or if you’re out of school, your job. Since I’m not in high school anymore,  (I’m still a high school student. Check out my blog post under my name) I have to make sure that  I get my schooling done since I’m at risk. If I fail, this the grades go on my high school transcript as well as my college one and they are permanent as you know. So school first! Even though occasionally I will procrastinate which I highly do not recommend. Here are some tips for organizing your school life first:

  • Get your homework in
  • Try to stay ahead of the game if you teacher has a syllabus (for you college folks) and if your in high school, try to finish most of the important or hard tasks so you can do the easy ones later
  • Don’t do everything last minute aka procrastinating
  • Try and do a little bit of something everyday
  • Group the things that are due as your first priority and the things that are due last as your last priority
  • Take advantage of study hall in high school and thane advantage of your breaks in college. I tend to have 2 hour break periods before my next class so I use that time to do homework and catch up on thing so that when I’m home all I can do is just relax.

Alright, second is managing a job. Now for those of you who work full time just thing of it almost like school but minus the homework. I’m doing this base off my experience as a part time worker. Since I work in awkward zones, (basically means I work when everyone else is free) I have to catch up on school before I can work. Most of the time I try to clear everything off my schedule before I have to work so I don’t panic. Usually I get off school and then head straight to work and when I get back home I don’t have time to do anything since I have school the next day. So follow step on and get your school things figured out. Then with your job just keep doing your job.

Lastly your free time or in my case writing time since NaNoWriMo is almost at an end! NNOOOOOOOOO. I’ve been so behind with my writing because of my main priorities. I mean since we do have 24 hours in a day…I tend to stay up into the morning to write. It’s the only free time I have and besides, I can crank out a lot of words at night. I make time at night or sometimes when I have nothing to do in school, I will make time to write. No matter how little or how much I will write. As for those who want free time no matter how small or how little, enjoy yourself! You worked hard and now you deserve to rest and have you time. Even if it’s just ten minutes to yourself at work or at home because your a parents or a full time worker, just use those minutes to take deep breaths or stretch a little. Enjoy the weather, relax you mind, read a magazine. Something tike that man. You need you time in order to function correctly and do your work. So enjoy it!

Well that’s it guys! I hope these tips were somewhat helpful. I’m usually uncensored but this was a serious life tips…TAKE THEM. Until next time!

-xoxo Suzane




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