We Never Lose Friends: We Just Learn Who the Real Ones Are

Hey beautiful faces!

Ever heard of the saying, “We meet people for a reason, either they are a blessing or a lesson.” In life you will make a lot of mistakes. You will be friends with the wrong person, like the wrong person, and trust the wrong person.

In high school, YOU WILL FIND WHO YOUR TRUE FRIENDS ARE . I graduated this year (Yay Class of 2015 haha) and I ended up losing friends, but I still have my TRUE FRIENDS smile emoticon The ones I lost was the people who acted very nice to me, but truly they are fake. Fake because in front of me they acted super nice, friendly, and they supported me with all my decisions. But in the end they talked bad about me and spread rumors. This kind of people are what we call INSECURE. They are very insecure about everything. They will act so confident, but they’re not. Don’t make these kind of people let you down because in the end they’re are just JEALOUS of you. They dont have the things that you have. So you better be careful when it comes to choosing friends. If someone seriously want to be a part of your life they will make an effort and stay.

Going back to what I said before these kind of people are what we call a “lesson”.

-xoxo Stephanie


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