No One Wants To be Treated Like A Second Option

Hello beautiful faces!

My friend and I had a little talk earlier that is why I was inspired to write about this (shout out to Elena haha!). So thanks Elena everyone lol 🙂

So here is a little advice for everyone…

Never be someone else’s SECOND OPTION when you could be someone else’s PRIORITY.

Trust me I KNOW!

For example, you like this guy/girl and they like this “other person,” but then they got rejected by that “other person.” So then they will start chasing after you (that’s a no no). NEVER BE with that kind of person because they can’t just f*ck with your feelings just because they are unsure of their own.

So I had this one friend and he told me he liked me, but I don’t feel the same way so I told him nicely, “I’m sorry I don’t feel the same way. I only see you as my friend.” Then he was like “Okay.”

A few days later my girl friend texted me saying that HE confessed to her saying, “I like you blah blah blah blah…” But my girl friend doesn’t like him as well and she only sees him as friend. And this is where I got so pissed off because he replied to her saying, “Okay… Well if you don’t like me then I will just go after Stephanie then. I’m gonna make her like me…”  When she told me this… I was like WTF is wrong with you bruh. I may not like you, but I can’t be your and everyone else’s  second option.

Everyone is NOT A BACKUP PLAN. It’s either they choose you or leave you. Even if they leave you it’s not a game over. We never lose in these kind of games… It’s either you win or learn from it.

If they don’t choose you just think about it… Maybe it was for the best because sooner or later you will find your “The One.”

-xoxo Stephanie



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