Is He a F*ckboy or Nahh?

And let’s continue haha 😀


To my lovely ladies reading this please know the difference between a guy who is being real and a guy who is trying to sweet talk you to get into your pants (f*ckboy).

Things a f*ckboy will do:

-Flirts with you and other girls all the time. Let’s be honest here: you’re not the only one he texts…

-When he uses the infamous f*ckboy line: “You’re the only girl I talk to.” Why the f*ck you lying, why you always lying…mmmmm Oh my god, stop f*cking lying…

-Ask for nudes

-Touchy (even if he doesn’t like you he will kiss you and touch you anywhere)
-He tries to make you feel like you owe him pictures

-Keeps hitting on you even after you’ve rejected him

-He always uses the winky faces a lot of sexual emojis. (like the eggplant…)

-F*ckboys usually will throw the words “beautiful” and “gorgeous” around. Especially when they have just met you

-F*ckboys will tend to play with your emotions making you feel like you’re the only one when in reality you’re like 1 to 100

-Always sending ab pictures to you even when he has first met you

-Lastly, the line of a f*ckboy these days, “Netflix and chill.” DO NOT NETFLIX AND CHILL with him unless you know him really well lol
I know deep inside us girls, we long for a guy, I mean you gotta know the difference between a bad boy and a f*ckboy am I right? We all love a bad boy who’s only good for you, but a f*ckboy will only be good for you to get in your pants and to play with your feelings. Don’t fall for them.  

-xoxo Stephanie and Suzane


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