School, Our Hell but Our Heaven

Hello You Beautiful People!!!

I finally have time to write something in a while. School has been hounding me with so much homework. I had three paper, a science test, a japanese quiz, and to create a resume for my career investigation class for this three day week. My brain feels like it has turn into mush and everything that I try to understand goes through one ear and out the other. Since I had a rough “week” of school, it has gotten me thinking of the good and the bad things about school in my experience.

The bad things of school, well for a high school student, it is waking up early. My school starts at 8:20 and I wake up at 6:30 everyday. You’re possibly wondering, why do I wake up about two hours earlier. I would think most of you know the struggle of trying to get out of bed. It takes me a good 30 minutes just to get out of bed, so that would make it 7 am. I also need to eat breakfast and I drive to school, so I need to get a good parking space, in order to get out of school quicker or else I’m stuck at school for a good 15 minute. Well then on to the next reason why school is bad!!!

Homework!! I had an English paper that was assigned on Monday and due on Wednesday, which has five different parts to the paper. I had a science test and Japanese quiz on the same day. It was very stressful trying to study and finish my English paper. I also had a world history paper due on Tuesday, so I had to get that done before my English paper, which set me back in time. I had to stay up until 1 am trying to finish my English paper. From all the stress and trying to get my words down, it has caused my brain to just be a blank canvas and nothing would seem to stay on it. The school lunches… well my school might just have bad school lunch, but anyway the amount of portion is small. For someone who struggle with money, they can’t seconds and left hungry.

On the other hand, the good thing about school is being able to hang with friends. Before I had my car, it was so difficult trying to hang with my friends since they live somewhat far, but school allowed me to see them. Electives- the classes that the high school offers helps by finding passion or what I like to do. There are also curtain classes that are really helpful in the real world like money management, career investigation and independent living.

Clubs- they make you feel like you’re apart of something. You make friends easier. You become a family that have your back and give you support when you need someone. I know for sure that they will give you a hand when you’re down. When my grandma passed away, I was okay at first but as the day went on my emotion was build up and at any moment I was going to break. It wasn’t until later that day, my club had a show to do and at the end of it, I broke. When my club members saw me, they were coming up and hugging me and telling me things would be ok. Their support help me through the whole ordeal. I am so glad to have met them and have them apart of my life.

The greatest thing about going to school for me was that it help build me who I am. Before I went to high school, I was the one to just be a follower. The person that was in their own bubble from the world around them. As I went to high school, I met some wonderful teacher and my club LEAD, have open my eyes. It open me to see the world and the inequality of people. I have my own opinion on many things and that I’m not afraid to share them.

There are many more reason of good and bad, but I picked out the things that stand out the most to me. There are good and bad things about school, but the best way to make high school less miserable is to make friends who have your back. They will cheer you up when you’re struggling. They help you make great memory and they know the real you, so you can be as crazy as you want and they don’t mind it. So find great friends and you’ll be ok.

Alissa ^-^ xoxo


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