Stress and How to Handle It

Hey guys! Suzane here!

Stress. The breakouts, the crazy nerves, the insane moments where you feel like you can’t even complete anything at all because it’s too intense. We get a ton of our stress from mostly school I assume and well work too. If you’ve worked during the Black Friday with all those customers trying to get their savings I feel you. It’s way too much for anyone to handle. So I’m here to give you some tips on relaxing as well as making your life a little less stressful.

First off of if you have school try to relax a little. Get some of your homework work out and pace yourself so you don’t end up doing it all at the last possible second. However if you are the type to do that, give yourself a little ten minute break in between. Set a timer. Do your work for 20 minutes and then take a break for 10. You keep this up and you’ll get done with your work in no time. Also, try and reward yourself. If you manage to complete that long essay due, reward yourself with a slice of cake or something you’ve been craving. Don’t try to give your mind a shit load of work at one time, you’ll just fry your brain and go overboard. When doing your work, try not to go on anything like Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat. Yeah, I’m guilty of it too, but I’ve gotten better. That stuff is highly distracting and it’s easy to tear you eyes away from your homework just to look. Do yourself a favor and turn off your phone or keep it somewhere away from you. If you’re really bad, turn off the internet so you aren’t tempted to check. That way you can get your homework done and stress less. Now if you’re stressing out, here are some things to help you not stress out:

  • Take a long nice relaxing bath or shower to de-stress your nerves and muscle.
  • Enjoy a nice slice of cake. Not just enjoy it, like SAVOR THE SHIT OUR OF IT.
  • Soak your feet if you don’t feel like taking a shower or bath.
  • Listen to some music that loosens you up.
  • Watch some TV or favorite show.
  • Take a nap. Always helps me.
  • Go outside and take a walk.

I could go on forever but you do what makes you feel really good. Stress is a butt kicker but you need to kick its butt back. Hopefully these tips helped a bit!

-xoxo Suzane


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