Unexpected Love

Hello beautiful people! Stephanie is back 😀

What is the best kind of love story?

All relationships has fights, arguments, trust, pain, tears, patience, jealousy, and LOVE ❤

BUT the best kind of relationship usually begins unexpectedly. You will never know who you might fall in love with. You might fall in love with that annoying kid from your math class, the person your friends hate, your siblings friend, that random person walking down the street, the person you always talks to, etc…  ( who know maybe you might fall in love when you see a hot person when you’re stuck in traffic haha jk 😀 )

I’m sure everyone had those moments when they told their friends or themselves, “Oh I want to date him/her… blah blah blah…”  My advice for young people these days is to be patience. If you want to find “The Perfect One” don’t rush to be in a relationship. The perfect person will come to you. Sometimes people don’t realize that the perfect person for you is whom you least expected it to be.

From time to time, when you become aware that you like that person you will try and deny it.  But deep inside you know you love that person. The more you deny the more you will fall for them. Tell them you like them because you never know they might feel the same way about you.

Unexpected love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. Is usually the one that will last. In my opinion that is the best love story. 

I fell in love with a beautiful boy and he still takes my breath away ♫

It’s the unexpected that changes our lives ❤ 

-xoxo Stephanie



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