Being Selfish, Selfless, and Being Just Right

Sup sup little buttonholes.

I’m here to talk about the this: being selfish, being selfless, and then being just right. What I’m trying to say is you need to be you. No one want to be a selfish person but being selfless isn’t entirely all that great either. You want a little bit of both to make it good for you. I’ll even break it down for you.

Selfish: No one likes a selfish person. No one likes someone who cares only about themselves and puts themselves first. It’s terrible to have a friend who is constantly caring about their needs over your needs. No one wants a friend like that. If you’re a selfish person, just know your friends aren’t going to be sticking with you long if you keep it up like that. You need to learn to be considerate to other people, we well as trying not to make it all about YOU.

Selfless: Now we all know the complete opposite of being selfish is being selfless. There’s nothing wrong with being selfless at all. You’re considerate, you always put people before you, you always put peoples needs before your own needs, but being selfless can come with a fault. I know someone name *Sally who was great friends with *Trish. They were great friends until Trish kept borrowing a shit ton of money from Sally. Sally was being selfless because she thought her friend was in need when in reality Trish was just lying to her and using her. See being selfless isn’t entirely that great either if you always continuously put others first before yourself.

Being just right: Now think of this (cheesy enough) as a scale. You want a little bit of selfish and a little bit of selfless. You want to have one time for yourself and you want to treat yourself to things you know? You also want to be their for your friends and your family and you want to place them first before your own needs. So find a little balance of both: sometime for you and some time for you just spoil yourself and don’t forget to focus on other people too.

Don’t be too selfish, don’t be too selfless and just try and be a little of both.

*names have been changed

-xoxo Suzane


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