Dear Crush

Today, let’s talk about our dear CRUSHES

What is it called when your crush has a crush on you?


IMAGINATION.. (Stop dreaming people haha! But it can be possible they like you too)

We all know why “crush” is called crush right?! They don’t feel the same way they will just crushed your heart (sad truth…)


10 Things we hate about our crushes:

  1. They don’t know we even exists (haha!)
  2. When you’re trying to be cute they will ignore you. But when you’re trying to ignore them, they will try to be cute (and it actually works lol)
  3. When your crush is a CELEBRITY, BOOK CHARACTER, MOVIE CHARACTER, or ANIME CHARACTER so you have 0% chance with them (my Percy Jacksonnnnn)
  4. Ever heard of the SEENZONED ? Its when you messaged them on Facebook and they just leave it as “seen”
  5. When they found out that you like them so they will start ignoring you
  6. They’re crushing on someone else (but turned out that their crush likes someone else haha!)
  7. They give you clues, but it turns out you’re only in the FRIEND ZONE
  8. They’re too perfect. They are like dreams that will never come true (especially when they’re in a book 😦 )
  9. Their killer smile (I mean come on bruh we know you’re so cute but stop smiling cause you make all the girls fall harder)
  10. Last but not the least our crushes are TAKEN

At the end of the day, we still feel blessed to have a crush because they gives us motivation to wake up and go to school early (high school days haha). We can be that person who has a crush on 10 people because who cares that’s normal 😉   13f38bc449971d0486b9c947edd03230
-xoxo Stephanie


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