Being a Narcissist, Hating Yourself, and Loving Yourself Just Right

Sup guys! >.<

If you read my last post it was on finding a balance between being selfish and selfless. Now today I’ll be talking about how to just love yourself just as you are. But not too much and not to little.

Narcissist: If you don’t know, Narcissus was a dude who fell in love with his own reflection. Basically you don’t want to be too self-absorbed and conceited with yourself to the point where it becomes annoying and people outright just call you a narcissist. Don’t be staring at yourself every five seconds in the mirror and shame other people because you look better. That’s asking to get your face punched in and your ass kicked.

Hating Yourself: In today’s world, we’re faced with people who body shame others and it’s terrible. It may be hard for those to believe but you body is beautiful, no matter how skinny you are, no matter if your plus size, if you have scars, non-model like proportions, you are beautiful and you shouldn’t let senseless people body shame you for something you are given. Flaunt everything you have! It’s just painful seeing people being uncomfortable in their body. It’s as if every morning they wake up, look in the mirror and just point out all the negative things that they have. Instead, look in the mirror and point out the things you have and like about yourself. It doesn’t have to be physical like, “I like my legs today.” It could be something like, “I studied and I’m going to pass my test,” or “My eyeliner looks on point today.” Then slowly build yourself confidence. I’ve had body issues myself and I know how it feels to just wake up and look at yourself and think your body wasn’t perfect or you weren’t pretty enough like other people. I understand, but you shouldn’t let it affect your life. The only person who needs to love you is YOU. No one else can make you happy but you. If you love yourself first, you’ll be reaching out for confidence in no time.

Loving Yourself Just Right: Just like my last post, you want a scale, the perfect balance. You don’t to shame yourself, but you don’t want to love yourself to the extreme. Find a good balance, love yourself for who you are, are the scars and battles, the skinny and the plus sizes, everything. Love you for everything you’ve been through.

-Xoxo Suzane


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