Drama Deserves Their Karma

Hey beautiful people ❤

Where does “drama” come from? Drama doesn’t just walks into your life. Its either you create it, invite it, or you associate with people who loves drama. In high school, you will experience a lot of drama. Here are some advice from some high school students:

  • “Try not to get involve with dramas and with people who has a lot of drama in their life.”
  • “Choose your friends wisely. Who knows maybe behind your back they talk shit about you.”
  • “Remove all the negative people in your life”
  • “Your group of friends in middle school will not survive high school because everyone will change… So go find your new squad.”
  • “Be involved in a lot of clubs, so that way you can ignore drama since you’re busy!”
  • “Don’t trust your friends word. Trust their ACTIONS.”
  • “You don’t need to hangout with the same group of people.”
  • “Sisters before mister (take notes girls, friends are more important than boys)”
  • “Get good grades and to do PSEO. There is no drama in college!”
  • “Be a nerd.”
  • “Cut connections with the people who creates drama.”
  • “Don’t tell secrets to a person who is close-minded because their mouths are always open.”
  • “Stop worrying about other people. You should put yourself as your number one priority.”
  • “Focus on school. By staying focus, you can get out of school quicker and you stay busy and you don’t usually get bothered by the drama.”
  • “Find yourself. When you’re a high school student, or for me Alissa, you’re trying to figure who you are and what you’re standing for.”
  • “Volunteer!! You don’t just keep yourself out of drama by being busy, but you also get to help someone or something.”
  • “Stay home!!!”

Sometimes life lesson are learned the hard way and you have to be involved in some dramas to learn the pain.

-xoxo Stephanie & Alissa


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