FINALS: Good Look

So guys… FINALS IS HERE. Or coming if it’s not yet time yet. (note: as I type this, I am studying for my math final.)

So anyway, being that I’m in a college and I started a little bit early, my finals are this week. I don’t know about your guys, but your finals may have passed already or they may be starting this week, the next, or they may be in a month. It doesn’t matter, you’ll be cramming all that shit into your head only to blank out and scream. I’m here to give you some tips on how NOT to strew out before finals and how to man handle it and grab it by the balls to assure you at least pass.

I vaguely remember taking finals in the tenth grade. Yeah, it was only last year but I still felt the crap pressure… let me break it down… Okay so Japanese was pretty easy to handle, gym final was bad but it could have been better, but who has like the time to just spend their life learning all the machines and what they do right? Honors Biology was… crap…. like I’m so glad I did the extra credit by taking a picture of the strawberry moon and stuff but it not I would have BOMBED that test to the point of no return. Band was just a nightmare, I didn’t even know there was something for band anyway but there was and I didn’t fail so I guess that wasn’t so bad. Okay AP US History. COMPLETE NIGHTMARE. 1) First final was crap since I knew nothing even though I studied. (Thank you John Green and your crash course videos… but not even you could help me. T.T) 2) We had a project to do and my friend and I rapped to GTFO about the Civil War in which we got NO reaction from in our classroom. English was blah, I mean what could you really test on? And the only class I was doing smooth in, math, I did well. I got a B but I passed all my other tests so A.

Moving on, fast forward to college years, okay yeah finals is no joke, but….I got it easy to this year. Next year I make be fucked who knows, but this year totally good.  1) I’m excused from my Japanese final because I passed all my test with flying colors. 2) English final was a presentation and turning in our essay which was fairly simple. 3) World History is only a project which may or may not be hard… 4) Math final! The only one written on paper and there are only 17 questions! Can you believe that? They’re just worth like a billion points though…

Anyway, I may have it easy but I may not next year so lets go through some tips on how to pass your finals and at least stay sane while you’re studying for it.

  • Take a deep breath. It is not the end of the world. (yet.)
  • Organize your priorities. Do the hard classes last and the easy ones first. That does not mean you slack off for the easy classes, you could forget even the simplest things as well.
  • If you’re one to get distracted easily, shut off the internet, turn off your phone and set a timer. Set it for 20 minutes or however long you want to rudy for, After time is up, you can go and walk around and take a break. Studying for too long will make you go insane so relax and take a break. Then set another timer and study for another 20 minutes.
  • Make sure to reward yourself while you’re at it! I mean a small little motivation goes a long way. (I just ate a Gogurt.)
  • If studying in group sessions work for you then go ahead. Just try not to get distracted. It’s easier to work in groups to ask each other questions.
  • A school may have a tutor or a teacher you can ask to help clarify things with you.
  • Get enough sleep! It’s very important you get your required hours a of sleep. Coffee can only go a long way before you shut down and break into tears.

Hope this was helpful enough for you guys! Good luck on your finals and check our the Youtube channel

-xoxo Suzane


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