Dreams Don’t Come True If You Give Up

Ms.Priceless Beauty is back!! More videos and blog coming up soon 🙂

There will be times when you’re about to give up and say, “Fuck love. Who needs a boyfriend when you have food” (*cough *cough that was me). You know what they say, “Don’t give up because beginning is always the hardest.”

Okay, first of all the reason it’s hard is because we can all be very picky. Some people even have a CHECKLIST is you pass on being a good or bad boyfriend/girlfriend. If you want someone perfect build your own boyfriend or girlfriend then just like the movie How To Build A Better Boy (it’s a good movie!).

If you love someone it doesn’t matter if they are perfect or not because in your eyes they’re the perfect person. You love their imperfection.

Since I’m writing this 12 in the morning… Let me tell you guys something.

So there was a time I really needed a partner for this dance, but most of the males I asked rejected my offer (and I was being super picky too). I was so frustrated that I told myself, “Fine. Who cares I don’t need a partner anyway.” That moment when I was about to give up a miracle happened. Out of the blue this boy showed up and became my partner.  Even though he hasn’t met me before he was pleased to be my partner.

That moment when you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens. So don’t give up. Time decides who you meet in life maybe that’s the reason it took me long time to find my partner. I was actually glad that it took me a while to find my partner because at the end I was blessed with a perfect one. We may have not known each other at first, but now he is my best friend and my significant other ❤

Am I a lucky girl or what?! Haha

Goodnight :*


-xoxo Stephanie


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