Product Rave: OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel

Alright: We can’t be Ms.PricelessBeauty without adding some beauty stuff on here. Today I have come to you guys with a skincare product! Alright so here’s my dilemma:

I’ve have really bad oily skin since I hit puberty. That was in the 7th grade. I mean my skin is still bad, but not as much anymore. I took a trip to my dermatologist and she recommended me some acne creams so that got rid of my acne, although I still get some hormonal ones near that cursed time of the month… Anyway, even after my skin was becoming damn near flawless, my skin was still really oily and greasy. It was nasty. It was so bad, I could literally tell if it was going to thunderstorm just by the humidity gathering on my face…  At first, a friend introduced me to oil blotting wipes, the ones my Clean and Clear I believe. They were decent and they did get rid of my oil, but only for a short while. Downside was they were expensive and seeing as I didn’t have a job yet, (I do now.) they were too much for me. I believe they were almost $6 or something. I mean it seems like an okay price, but seeing as that I’m so oily, I go through like 2 sheets a day. I even tried to go cheap and tried the e.l.f oil blotting sheets but it was almost like blotting you face with tissue paper. They were so bad. I went throw like 4 a day and they didn’t even work.

Fast forward to the 10th grade. My dermatologist said if my acne and oily skin gets bad, I may have to take the dreaded birth control. It sucked. Then my dermatologist recommended I go online and buy this cream (or more like gels consistency) called OC8.

  1. I was really skeptical about buying something online.
  2. I checked the price and it was NOT in my budget. I think that plus shipping and handling was around $30.
  3. It was like 1.6 ounces and I didn’t think it would last.

Seeing as nothing I tried worked, I gave in and bought it September 2015. And I have to say it is the BEST decision I’ve ever made!

  1.  I got it off Amazon and no it’s not sketchy.
  2. The price is worth it. Close you eyes and just hit purchase order.
  3. 1.6 ounces DOES LAST. Like I said, I bought it all the way back in September and it’s been 3 months since I’ve started using it and I still have half the tube. Since you only use a very thin layer (a little goes a long way) it really does last, which justifies the price.


This product is amazing! On the package, it says it last for 8 hours and I think it lasts longer than that. Although at some point I start to feel sticky from the oil on my face, but after 8 hours, my face actually starts to get like a dewy look. What I also love about this product is that when it makes your face matte, it doesn’t dry out your face at all. Your face feels smooth and dry, but not in a way where your face looks cracked like you haven’t applied lotion to your face. It makes the skin look flawless and evens it out. My self-confidence as completely boosted after using this product. My face no longer feels oily and I’ve even been getting comments on it. It’s a great product and really worth it if you suffer from oily skin.

-xoxo Suzane


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