Indoor Winter Fashion ft. Wendy

Today I brought my special friend, Wendy, to do a little bit of a indoor winter fashion. Indoor meaning even though these pictures were taken outside, these are meant to be worn indoors so you don’t die. *All items (except the leggings and shoes) are less than $15.)

Outfit #1

  • Wide brimmed hat- Charlotte Russe $15
  • Choker- Kohl’s $5
  • Gray stripped cardigan- Kohl’s $10
  • Black jumper- Kohl’s $30
  • Black boots- Kohl’s $59.99

For this first outfit, Wendy demonstrates one of her favorite outfits for the winter. “A reason why this is my favorite outfit is because it’s comfortable,” she tells me. Despite the freezing temperatures, the cardigan is bound to keep you warm indoors along with the jumper. The hat tops the whole look off, making the outfit look sophisticated. Perfect for warm winters or frigid indoor temperatures.

Outfit #2


  • Dope hat- Lids $10
  • Choker- Icing $5
  • Necklace- Kohl’s $3
  • White teeshirt- H&M $10
  • Long fringe vest- H&M $10
  • Black leggings- Puma $27

Another one of Wendy’s favorite outfits. The vest is a unique item that makes tee shirt and leggings combo look more fun and relaxed. “It makes the outfit pop!” Wendy says. “The fringe is unique and I haven’t seen it on anything else… yet.” So if you’re feeling bold, try to go for something with fringe.

Outfit #3

  • White shirt- H&M $10
  • Gold rings- Rue21 $2

“The white long shirt, is flowy and the feel of the fabric feels relaxed. The style is more conservative for the winter time.” Even though Wendy uses items from her previous outfit, mixed together with different items, they look like a completely new and fashion forward outfit.

Outfit #4

  • Teeshirt- Gift
  • Button down- H&M $15
  • Gold necklace- Kohl’s $8

“I like the button down because it has lots of sayings that go against what I would say.” I love this button down on Wendy because it’s such unique and one of a kind statement piece. It bring the whole outfit together and makes it look like the type of street fashion you would find in New York.

Outfit #5

  • Mask- Online $2
  • Shirt- H&M $5
  • Necklace- Earthbound $4

“This is usually what I would wear because it’s the comfiest. I like how the bottom of the shirt is mesh.” I like how the mesh gives the shirt a sporty, yet, street wear look. The hat and mask top it off as well since they bring the whole outfit together. If you’re looking for something to make your outfit stand out, try having one accessory that pops. It makes your outfit complete as well as making you stand out more.

Alright that’s it for my first fashion blog! Hopefully you guys enjoy the post as well and give some great feedback!

-xoxo Suzane


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