Peel Smart Remote Review

It is a phone app for iphones and android. This app allows you to connect to your t.v. and if you used cable, satellite or any other way of watching t.v. , so you don’t need a remote. For me, that is really useful, since tend to misplace my t.v. remote somewhere in my room.

If you’re wondering, Alissa I don’t have a cable box, satellite dish, or etc, can I still use it just the app for my t.v. ? Yes you can, because i don’t have one either. Here’s what I did, after adding my zip code, I just clicked on antenna even though, I don’t have one. After following the steps, it brings you to a page of what is playing in your area, but at the bottom right hand corner, there is a yellow circle with a remote on it. Click it and it brings you into a new part of the app. On the screen, at the top it says something like my room, under that there is a  four tab. Just click on t.v. and it works similar to your t.v. remote
   I give this a 4 out of 5 because it is straightforward. It’s also easy to use. It would have been nice, if you could just connect to your t.v. and not need a provider.


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