Product Review: Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Yes… the name is quite a handful, but this product is miracle! I found out about this product on my Facebook page. You know how sometimes you get random ads and Sponsored pages on Facebook? Yeah, well one of them happened to be Memebox. I saw a video on which the clay mask was used and it sounded great. I even read some reviews on them and I thought this mask would be worth the try.

So I went on Amazon and ordered it and it came to me! Alright down to the good stuff. The package is in Korean so I had to go on Amazon to read the instructions. First thing I noticed was the smell… I once tried a clay mask once and let me tell you, it made me so nauseous. I had it on for 30 minutes and the smell was just attacked my nose… This clay mask however smells incredible! Kind of like a nice fruity smell. It would fit great with the stuff at Bath and Body Works. It’s about 100 g so about 4-ish and more ounces. You may think it’s small but it will last you if you spread a thin layer.

Basically what you do is smear a layer on your face (uncleaned) and you leave it there for 5 minutes. Let me tell you, best feeling ever! You can hear the bubbles just digging out the dirt and oil beneath your skin ad it feels really nice. After 5 minutes, your face is all foamy and bubbly and you kind of look a little creepy. After 5 minutes, rub the foam/bubbles all around your face. It will start to become the consistency of clay and I just like to rub it in until it dries out a bit. Then using lukewarm water you scrub it all off.

Your skin will be dry so it’s good to put on lotion or whatever moisturizer you prefer. I noticed how my skin felt tighter and cleaner. It looked a lot more radiant as well and did a great job at getting rid of my oil. I recommend this product for anyone looking for a good mask to combat oily skin, as well as a good mask to help rid the face of oil and dirt from a long day. For those with dry skin, it may be irritating since when you wash it off it does leave the skin a little dry, but applying moisturizer after should solve the problem. I hope you guys give the product a try!


-xoxo Suzane



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