Review: Cafe Latte Matcha Latte

Hey People!!!!!

I went to a Korean-Japanese store over the weekend and picked up a matcha latte since I have never had one before. I might do a review on the store because the lady was really nice, but still contemplating if I have enough time. If you want to hear about a good store in Minnesota leave a comment down below. Now on to the reason you are reading this.


The store I went was selling them for $1.99, so a bit expensive for a 6.7 oz, but is understandable since there is shipping from a foreign country. I went to other Asian stores, but they didn’t carry any of the drink and this Asian store that did carry it was a 30 minute drive.


Since I never had a latte before, I don’t know if this is the same as another latte, but the matcha latte was not overly sweet. For a person who doesn’t like her drinks overly sweet, I loved it. It didn’t over power the matcha. There was a slight bitter taste, which is expected from most tea drink.  I believe that the slight sweetness did help with the better. For me when I drank it, it felt like there was some powder in it still through out the whole drink.


I would give this drink a 4 out of 5 stars because I didn’t like the powder feeling as I was drinking. I also didn’t like that it was harder to get a hold of because all the nearest Asian store around me didn’t carry the drink. The score is still pretty high because I did like how it tasted. It was not bitter like most things.

I would recommend this drink if you like green tea or want to try something different. It’s always great to try something new.

See ya!!

Alissa  xoxoxo  ^-^


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