Friends 1613 miles

In the 7th grade, I met a girl name Aysha.


Throughout the whole school year we became really close friends. And by the end of 9th grade, I was glad to call her my best friend, but she wasn’t just any best friend. She was my BFTIAB, Best Friend to Infinity and Beyond. To this day, we are still BFTIAB, but with one obstacle.


She lives 1,613 miles away from; two hours behind from me. In a state that’s far warmer than Minnesota.


Being so distant from each other has come with so many problems, but we still try to stay in contact. I never want to lose her as my BFTIAB. She has help me through tough time. Aysha has seen the best and worst of me. She knows the real me behind the smile. She can handle this ball of craziness.(LOL) She has taught me so much. She’s helped me grow.


In November through December, I haven’t been the greats BFTIAB. School, friends, family, and clubs kept me busy that I haven’t been able to talked to her. I miss so much that happen in her life. I made her feel like she did something wrong, when I was at fault.


I never wanted her to feel like did something wrong. I had a reality check. I don’t want to lose my best friend. She means way too much to me. As of the beginning of January, we have been able to take control of the chaos. We’ve fix the broken bridge and continue on as BFTIAB.


If you or your bestie are going to move away for good, then there are ways to staying connected. If you or your bestie are going to different college, then there are ways to staying connected.


How do you stay connected?

  • Talk to each other about when they have school and club activity, so you know when they are free
  • Text each other!!!
  • Video chat (hangout, facetime,skype,facebook messager, and ect)
  • Snapchat
  • Call each other
  • Get each other’s address and write a letter. It may seem stupid, but it has more meaning.
  • Email
  • Try to save up you money and get a plane ticket to your best friend
  • Sync your calendar, so you can figure out when they have break and if it’s the same as yours
  • NO LIES, because you’re friend will know you’re lying depending on how close y’all are and that’ll just hurt the bond


Try to contact them at least once a week.

See how they are doing, what’s up in their life because some friends aren’t as AWESOME as Aysha and just give up on trying.


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