Review: Deadpool


Sup sup sup!

Alright, I’ve been raving about this movies since I first saw the freaking trailer months ago and I was even more crazy for it when there happened to be a “12 days of Deadpool.” I actually watched it twice: once the day it came out and on Valentine’s Day! I was actually surprised at how many couples were going to go see it… I wonder how many guys actually tricked their significant other into thinking it was going to be a love story…

Anyway…REVIEW. WOW. Can we just give a round of applause for Ryan Reynolds and his amazing acting? *applause* He made the BEST Deadpool ever. I mean it would be a lot different if someone else were to play Deadpool, but Ryan Reynolds was born to play him…this was his calling and he nailed it.

It just really  blew my mind. I loved the opening of the movie when they were giving out credits and it was just basically making fun of everyone who had a role in there. I also loved how the beginning was basically Deadpool kicking everyone’s ass in order to find Ajax aka Francis. It was pretty epic. I liked how it didn’t start chronologically. It was kind of all over the place, like Deadpool’s mind. Deadpool is just such a badass. Let’s break it down.

My favorite part of the movie is actually a tie between the beginning, in which he jumps from a highway and lands in one of the cars and the end scene in which the ship in the junkyard is tipped and everything is falling off. Both of the scenes were full of action (even though I wish there would have been a little more action) and I really enjoyed watched Deadpool and his katana skills as well as his marksmen skills. FREAKING AWESOME.

I liked how there were some of the X-Men members in the movie too: Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Even though not all the members were in there, I like both of them. Colossus was like that nice subconscious you were supposed to listen to. It completely backfired on him when Deadpool shot Ajax anyway, but Colossus was freaking cool and I kinda hope he’s in the sequel. Negasonic was your typical moody teenager but her super power was pretty awesome. I wished I could have seen more since she didn’t really use her powers much. Really hoping that Colossus and Negasonic are in the sequel because even though they’re the complete opposite, it works and I like it.

I really liked the backstory of how Wade Wilson became Deadpool. I found it kind of funny how he happened to meet Vanessa. Okay…I will admit…the sex scenes were very interesting. Part of it was because I’m 17 and this was basically like porn in my eyes. And my mom was sitting right behind me… I don’t know what good sex looks like but people in the theater seemed to be enjoying it. Even though the sex scenes may or may not have scarred me, I loved the dysfunctional craziness of the relationship between Wade and Vanessa. It was not your typical love story, but in all sense it’s a love story. I think.

Overall, this is just a start. I mean an anti-hero movie? That’s never been heard before and Deadpool is already breaking records. I heard a second movie is already in the works, and I am pumped for a second movie!! I am officially a fan of Deadpool and I am psyched for the sequel!

-xoxo Suzane


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