Studying Tips! (Cuz I Know Y’all Need Em)

Yeah…I don’t know if I’ll be posting everyday, but I’m trying keep MPB alive since my fellow members are busy.

Today guys! Let’s talk studying tips! I know a lot of my high school and college friends could use this one. In a century full of advanced technology, we’re constantly distracted by our phones and laptops. We also tend to procrastinate the hell out of our work too. I know in high school and in college you get a shit load of homework and it just stressed you out. I also know some friends who play a crazy ton of sports so doing homework is just out of the question. I know there are some of you who cram and cram your work only to lose sleep and faith. Well do not worry my friends, I may be far from a saint, but I am just your friendly neighborhood study buddy and I am here to help you develop better studying habits because you cannot keep this up…I know the stress is eating you alive…Let’s get to it!


  • Turn off all your electronics. This one is a simple. I’m pretty sure all of you can do this. If you need to use your laptop, try to pry yourself off of social media. I mean we’ve all been on Facebook for what we thought was a couple minutes. LIE. It zapped up so much of your time! Don’t let it do that to you.
  • I know some of my friends use this one: the timer. You can utilize it in many ways. Stephanie for instance, uses it to time herself to finish problems. You makes it so that she finishes her homework in a certain amount of time. You can also set up your timer for about twenty minutes to do homework and ten minutes for a break. That way you don’t overwork yourself.
  • If you’re in high school, your homework tends to be due the next day. Personally for me, I like to start with the easy things first just to get them out of the way then go for the tough ones. That way, I don’t waste my time trying to figure out hard homework. In college it’s a bit different. Based of my personal experience, we have more time to do homework and it’s all due on different days. I tend to do the homework that is due the earliest.
  • Motivate yourself! Studying doesn’t have to be boring and your reward don’t really have to be big. Just promise yourself small things: if you finish reading the chapter for tonight’s class, reward yourself with a slice of cake, or ten minutes of break time. Just small things that can help you finish your work on time.
  • Try to start your homework as early as possible. I used to procrastinate and start my homework at seven or eight. I used to sleep at like nine and stuff. I found myself half assing my work and rushing to finish things. Some of my friends stay up suuuuupppppeeerr late just to finish their homework and they end up sleeping really late. Do not be that person. Try and do your homework as early as possible and with the rest of your free time, you can have fun, and not think about the project you should be doing.
  • This usually works for students in college but your professor gives you a syllabus for a reason. It’s for you to stay on top of the game and for you to be ahead. Use it. It’s there to help you unless you don’t use it. Then you’re just harming yourself.
  • Utilize your time. In high school, I know it’s hard to find time to do anything since you have like seven class periods. If you’re lucky enough and you get a study hall, use it to do you work so you can have plenty of time at home to tackle bigger stuff or just relax. In college, if your lucky as well, you get to have little breaks into between your classes that could range from half an hour to maybe three hours. It just depends on how lucky you are. I tend to use that time to study and do homework so I get a load of crap done before I get home. Spend your time wisely!


Just a few of my tips! Personally, I use this and my friends do as well. College as helped me mature a bit and I like to be on top of things. Hopefully these will help you guys too!

-xoxo Suzane


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