Review: Shen Yun 2016


Where do I begin? Alright…Shen Yun is a live show that showcases 5,000 year old classical Chinese dances. They put on a different show every year around the world and it’s worth watching! I had the chance to watch it back in February 2014 and this year in February 2016. I watched the show yesterday and it was mind blowing! I’ll just let you see the trailer below and let your mind explode. I mean there’s still time if you’re far away.

Shen Yun 2016 Trailer

WOW RIGHT? This year my mom bought really good seats so we were a lot closer to the stage. Let me just say that the dancing is spectacular! They don’t have it in film or video because they believe you should see it in person and they are right. You HAVE to see it in person! You don’t know what you’re missing. It’s literally so amazing I don’t know where to start so I’ll pick something to start with.

The clothing!! OMG the clothing the girls wore in each one of their dancing segments were glittery and colorful and beautiful! One of my favorite dances would have to be Celebrating the Divine. It was a Tibetan dance which incorporated long sleeves and it was breath taking! I absolutely loved the dance Monkey King and the Dragon Palace as well since I watched Journey to the West as a kid and this is just like a childhood thing for me. There’s also a 3D backdrop projecting in the back to give the viewers something to see and to help set the scene for the dancers. It stands out even more with the clothing of the dancers. Everything was just so flowy and bright and just flawlessly eye-catching. You can catch glimpses of the clothing in the trailer but it’s something you have to see in person.

Alright, second, the dancing obviously! Chinese classical dancing is a lot different. I don’t really know much about dance, but I did notice a lot of elegant movements as well as beautiful tumbles and flips the dancers did. It was so graceful and beautiful at the same time. Some dancers used props such as the drums in the dance Drums of the Grassland, a Mongolian dance. It was so cool how the drums basically were basically in synch with the orchestra pit. The guys were pretty majestic in their own right even though their moves were more masculine. I also enjoyed how there were ethnic dances too. Some of the dances weren’t from China but from around near the borders of China like from Mongolia and Tibet. They were equally as exquisite and equally as eye-catching.  It’s not just dancing that is presented, some of the dancing incorporates some acting and story telling. I really enjoyed watching the expressions that the dancers made on stage and how they expressed it through their dancing. Really worth the watch.

Orchestra! My mom thought that they played music out of speakers but no! There was an orchestra pit at the center of the stage. I knew that though. The music is just really professional and it sets the scene for the dancers. I love how there were classical Chinese instruments as well as modern day instruments as well. The music synched really well with some of the dances that incorporated acting. They were perfectly timed so it sounded like sound effects almost. It’s actually a good thing: you get dancing, some acting, and great music all at once. It’s a whole packaged deal guys. Along with the orchestra, their are also singers. There were three singers presented on stage to sing. It was really enticing and just really interesting to hear how the singers voices carried out. The lyrics to the song they were singing were projected on the screen in Chinese and English for everyone to understand.

Overall it’s pretty much the highlight of February (besides my birthday). The only bad thing was that downtown parking was a bitch and so were the people behind me who wouldn’t shut the hell up, but hopeful you can find parking and you aren’t stuck with obnoxious people behind you either. It also kind of sucks that Shen Yun isn’t allowed to perform in China. Now I’m not a history person, but ever since the “Cultural Revolution,” China basically has been trying to get rid of their culture, even their dancing.

Shen Yun Link if you guys want to check out the website and find more infer on the show!

Now go…”Experience a Divine Culture.” -Shen Yun

-xoxo Suzane



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