Getting Rid of the Blackheads

Blackheads…they’re a bitch right…They’re just disgusting and just like little nasties clogging up your pores. They can be on your face, but we commonly tend to find them on our nose. The treasure trove of finding blackheads. Fun. What fun. For some reason, I find myself really intrigued with looking at other peoples blackheads. It’s just satisfying and interesting to look at the crap on your nose! It’s gross and it’s there and sometimes it may even make you feel self-conscious. After removing blackheads from my brother’s nose, I felt inspired to write a post about getting rid of those pesky lil nasties…


  • The basic, but quiet obvious…pore strips. I used the Biore pore strips that you can get at Target or Walmart or whatever store you usually go to. I mean I heard a lot of people say that they didn’t really work well, but I used one strip on my brother (I accidentally left it on for like half an hour) and when I removed it…it was beautiful. Like his blackheads were drawn out onto the strip and I had the most beautiful time looking at it.
  • If you don’t like pore strips or they don’t work for you, there’s a product I’ve heard about on Youtube and it doesn’t require a strip, but lots of Youtubers have really liked this product. It’s called the LuckyFine Skin Care Strawberry Blackhead Remover. I’ve heard some great reviews about it and I’ve seen it in action even! Link to Product
  • There are also products you can get in store such as sebum softeners. Basically, you rub the product on your nose, leave it on for a few minutes, and then you can rinse it off along with your blackheads!
  • I know online there are some DIY pore strips you can do that work equally as well as the pore strips. I’ll post some links for you guys!


Now guys, above are tips on how to REMOVE and GET RID of those pesky little blackheads. To really get rid of them and to prevent them, you need to EXFOLIATE. Blackheads pretty much form do to the excess sebum that forms on your nose. The sebum is supposed to keep your nose and the rest of your face hydrated. Too much sebum can lead to oily skin (yes, oily) and also clog pores, therefore, producing blackheads. Yes, they are a type of acne. Exfoliating helps shed dead skin that gets clogged on your face and nose and it helps to unclog pores, that way you won’t get pimples as often or blackheads. So exfoliate my friends!

Comment if you thought this was helpful! I’m also planning to do my daily skin care routine as well. What do you think?

-xoxo Suzane

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