My Daily Skincare Routine

I’m back at it again with the skincare posts!

Here I’m going to show you my some what daily skincare routine. Some stuff I do only twice a week and during special occasions, but they’re pretty much the same. Off to it guys!

Daily Skincare Routine:

  1. Cleansing.
    • In the mornings, I usually have to get really really fast, so I use the Simple Micellar Water (I wrote a post about this product a while back). I use a cotton ball which works just as well as a cotton pad since they’re cheaper. My face is greasy in the morning which is kinda nasty, but there are some spots where my skin is dry. I swipe this around my face and it instantly feels clean and hydrated! I kind of need it to be hydrated for a reason I will get to.
    • On the bottom picture is a picture of my afternoon cleanser, Clean and Clear: Advantage 3-1 Exfoliating Cleanser. I tend to use this one in the shower since the steam opens up my pores. Since the micellar water doesn’t really have anything that prevents acne in it, I use this cleanser. It has benzoyl peroxide which helps with cleaning the bacteria that causes acne. Not pictures here, but twice a week, I use the St. Ive’s exfoliated to buff up my skin. I love using it does a really boss ass job of just polishing my skin to perfection.
    • I also use this at night to clean my face too right before I sleep. It’s usually just to get rid of all the product I put on my face before I put on other product.
      • Simple Micellar Water $5.99
      • Clean and Clear Advantage 3-1 Exfoliating Cleanser $6.58
      • Not pictures: St.Ives Exfoliator $3.09


2. Hydrating.

  • Right after I cleanse in the morning, I use the toning mist from Botanics to clean the rest of my face and it works well as a hydrating mist. It smells great too! It’s rosewater. After I spritz two times on my face, I PAT THAT SHIT IN. It’s a toner, but I enjoy it’s hydrating properties that it has so I PAT THAT SHIT into my face so it soaks up all the moisture that I cannot afford to lose on a cold winter day.
  • In the afternoon after my shower, my Clean and Clear cleanser usually leaves my skin very dry, so I spray this stuff on my face and boom! Instant rehydration.
  • Night time is the same as the morning; I spray the stuff on and it helps prepare for the intense moisturizing that I would be doing.
    • Botanics $8.39

3. Moisturizing

  • Right after my routine, I but on a mattifying gel that pretty much makes my face matte. I have oily skin. I basically hydrate my face only to dry it up. I hydrate my face so when I put on my gel, it won’t make my face super dry and flaky. That’s basically it for my morning! The gel does a good job at keeping my face oil free and it doesn’t dry up my skin in the winter. It’s just right.
  • Right after I hydrate my face, I apply my acne medication which is not in here. I didn’t think you needed to see that…I use Cetaphil, my moisturizer and moisturize my face after all my medication is applied since my medication dries out my face.
  • At night, the Cetaphil layer is about 5 layers thick. At night, your skin repairs itself and I like to help that process quicken by applying lotion. Then, I don’t have to worry about waking up with dry patching skin.
    • OC8 Mattifying Gel $27.77
    • Cetaphil $10.39 (I got mine in a 2-pack at Costco)


4. Extra Hydration on the Worst Days

  • This winter has been HOSTILE on my skin and ALL skin types. It seems no matter how much I put on lotion, my skin would feel dry, patchy, and just flaky. On the worst of the worst days, I use a sheet mask. These things are soaked in hydrating essence and they feel so rejuvenating on your face. After using one, I like to PAT THAT SHIT into my face because you’re kinda supposed to do that. It helps get the essence into your skin for better absorption. I like to leave it on a little longer than 20 minutes, just until the sheet is almost dry. I use them once a week on a Sunday before school. I just don’t want to show up with a gross “I hate Monday” face.
    • Sheet mask. Prices may vary but you can usually get a pack of 10 for about $10 online. Some are a little pricey, but overall really worth it.

5. For Days Where Your Face Just Feels Nasty and Needs a Deep Clean

  • There are just days where I’m gone all day and I can’t get home in time to clean my face for hours! The results? A greasy face that just feels uncomfortable. On these days I like to use the clay mask. I made a post about this and I love it! When you first open it, it looks and feels like jelly. It also smells really nice (bonus). With the white spatular thing, I just scoop a big chunk and proceed to spread that all over my face. You should probably spread it fast before it starts to carbonate. After it’s on, you leave it on for 5 minutes, according to the instructions. During those minutes, you can feel the bubbles bringing the dirt out of your skin and oil and grease and crap. After 5 minutes, you face is foamed and you rub in the bubbles. At this point, it begins to feel like a clay mask and I like to rub it in until it feels pasty. After that with lukewarm water I rinse. Make sure you rinse it well. Your skin will feel squeaky clean but also dry, so moisturize right after. I use this once a week for deep cleaning and on days where I can’t do my usual facial routine.
    • Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask $8.64


I hope you guys get little ideas about how you would like to plan out your own skincare. I mean I’m still young, but anything to keep my skin happy and healthy! I’ve had really bad acne since the 7th grade which is normal, but it really affected my self-confidence. Now, I feel a lot happier with my skin now and even though I get small pimples from time to time, I’m perfectly fine with it. Skin isn’t meant to be perfection, but taking care of it will make your skin happy and it’ll make you happy!

-xoxo Suzane 🙂



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