Writing Adventure/Life (kinda?) #1

So hey guys.

Little run down about me: I’ve read a ton since I was little and I loved it! Yeah, this is gonna sound like one of those cheesy stories about the love for reading that led to the love of writing, but NO. It will NOT be cheesy. I promise I won’t make it that way at least. Anyway, I wrote a lot and after cleaning some crap out of my room, I realized that I wrote a ton of funny (and great) shit as a kid. It wasn’t really until the 8th grade that I realized that you could actually like do it as a job? I mean I thought it was easy, but after researching I doubted myself. It seemed so hard, but then the doubt passed after like a minute. Remember, I was in the 8th grade. I was always such a timid writer. I tended to write in a journal all in cursive to present other people from reading it.

Then, after a long time, I got out of my shell in the 9th grade and wrote a story online (I’m not telling you where) to cope with the stress of school. After about maybe three months? Maybe more, I could check, I finished the story and by then, thousands of people had read it and given me really great comments. I went on to write a couple more stories, but I really wanted to write something. Something I probably could publish one day (thought that thought is far out there). I took one of the stories I wrote online and edited it and wrote the second draft. I changed some things and let me tell you: it was shit. I hated the second draft. I left it there and didn’t touch it. I fixed it on and off for about a good year and then just didn’t touch it for a year. A year later, when I was in the 11th grade, I wanted to try out NaNoWriMo for young adults. I joined that one with a whole new plan of crunching out a new third draft and just trying 50,000 words. I reread the first draft that I loved so much (even though it was a complete mess) and did a lot of outlines and basically wrote whenever I had free time. I even wrote during my freshman comp class when the teacher wasn’t looking and when I was waiting for my mom to pick me up after school. In the end I did it! At the last second too. I only managed to type almost all of my story and finished it at the end of December. It was about 64K words. The third draft was a pain in the ass, but there was much potential.

Now after writing, I really need to properly edit…I mean I usually never edited my stories, but for something I’m thinking about sending off in the future to be published, I need to edit. I’m dedicating my time to editing in March. I need to take a break from it. I read a lot of it and I love it and I hate it and there’s much work, but I need a break from it. After sometime, I’ll come back and start by tackling the big chunks. I’m actually not really sure how I will edit my story. It’s a daunting task for me actually, but I feel that I will be able I handle it! After like 2 years, I’m just starting to slowly build the confidence in myself to share things.

I mean feel free to read or not. I just want to share my writing adventure as I progress. I love writing and I hope you some of you share the same passion.

-xoxo Suzane


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