Man Crush Monday #2

Happy Monday guys!

I know Monday’s suck but we are here to lighten the mood with another Man Crush Monday! I feel like at some point we’re going to run out of guys, but I know we have a lot of them. 😀

Godfrey Gao (Suzane’s Man Crush Monday)



Frick. Where do I start… Well, I first saw him in the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones as Magnus Bane and he was PERFECT. He was so adorable and well, naturally I had to follow him online. He’s a model too, but before that he had a promising basketball career. I’m not saying this because Godfrey plays basketball, but I really really like basketball…I can’t play it but I really like it. All his Instagram photos are literally perfection at it’s finest…I mean he’s 14 years older than me, but he looks pretty good for 31 if I do say so myself.

blah god.png

Reasons to Love Godfrey:

  • He makes a great model
  • His beard is on fleck
  • He takes the best nature photos (all of which involve his perfection in it in some way)
  • He’s pretty damn sexy
  • He’s Canadian

He’s so freaking perfect… I’ll just let the pictures do all of the talking…



Luhan (Alissa’s Man Crush Monday)



For those who don’t know who he is, he is a singer and actor. He uses to be in a Korean/Chinese group called EXO. He is in a lawsuit with the company to be free of the company. I won’t get into it, but I support Luhan and EXO. (I know…it sucks he and two others left EXO…he was originally my bias when EXO  first debuted.) He acted in 20 Once Again, The Great Wall and 12 Golden Ducks. I haven’t seen them, but I want to!!!! Even though with the lawsuit, Luhan is still making music. You can watch them on LuHanStudio on Youtube.


Reason to Like Luhan:

  • He is adorable
  • He has a nice voice
  • He can’t act manly
  • His baby face
  • He can look like a girl… a pretty girl


I notice recently, I like older guys with baby faces. Thomas and Luhan are both 25 and they have a face that makes them look younger.



James Reid (Stephanie’s Man Crush Monday)


James Reid is a Filipino-Australian actor, singer, dancer, and song writer. He was the big winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 (And yes I’ve seen the whole episode of that and I was so proud when he won because I voted for him ❤ ). Most people will probably know him from Diary ng Panget, Talk Back and You’re Dead, Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, and of course the 2015-2016 Philippine Romantic Comedy Television Series that everyone is most crazy about (that includes me) On The Wings of Love. James Reid is such a good actor and here are some reasons why you guys should LOVE him:

  • He can speak English Fluently and Filipino (He’s slang though but its really cute)
  • He has an amazing voice
  • He’s only 22 (He was born in Australia)
  • His hairstyle is always on point
  • His lips!! (Just stare at the picture and look at it)tumblr_ntgythpkHD1reaojco4_540

But sorry ladies just two weeks ago he just announced that he is in a relationship with his leading lady, Nadine Lustre (FINALLY ITS OFFICIAL!!! Yay! So happy for them). They are #RELATIONSHIPGOALS

tumblr_naic79bQ9g1qlq7mro3_250  #MayForever 😀

-xoxo Ms.PricelessBeauty


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