How to Get Over a Heartbreak

Hello hello hello! 😀

I’ve been doing a lot of random post lately from skincare to books and now, even though I feel I have no right to do this, I’m writing about getting over a heartbreak. I’m actually the last person out of our group who would even have the right to write about a subject like this. Anyway, I have experienced minor heartbreaks. First time, I really liked a guy, and although I didn’t say it, I guess he could tell I liked him. He told me he was a player and I didn’t believe him until I saw him dancing with another girl at the end of the night. Of course I felt crushed. Second time wasn’t even that bad. I really liked a guy from a trip and he just didn’t tell me that he didn’t return my feelings. My heartbreaks weren’t enough  enough to throw me off balance and ruin my weeks completely, but I constantly think about it and it just makes me sad. That was a while ago. I managed to get over my heartbreak-ish thing, now I’m ready to help you guys get over yours. Kinda. This is probably why I’m not qualified to write this and why my heart is now cold and frozen over.

The first time I experienced a heartbreak, I wrote about it. I basically wrote it all down in my journal and just explained how I felt. It took about 2 pages to get my feelings out, but in the end I felt better. The second heartbreak I had really was like a slap in the face. Not only did the guy NOT turn me down for a dance, he already had a date to another dance already and still said yes to me and he already liked the other person. I still had the poster I used when I asked him to a dance and his phone number. With the help of my friend, (we were also dressed in black) I took those items out into the barbecue pit and lit that shit on fire and watched it BURN. I also proceeded to erase every entry of him in my journal. So don’t do what I did. I had other coping methods…


  • Do confide in a close friend if it helps you. Just let them sit there as you talk/rant about your feelings. I mean it is true: talking it out does really help. It removes an imaginary weight off your chest.
  • If you’re a private person (like me) you can write your feelings down. Just write anything: how you felt, your feelings now, it could even we a bunch of cursing. Whatever helps you get your emotions out. You don’t have to show it to anyone. You can hide it, throw it away, burn it. It’s just a way to solidify your emotions and move on.
  • Hang out with your friends! You may or may not have been neglecting your friends, but your friends are the best. Call them up and hang out with them! For a day, just spend time with them, don’t mention the boyfriend/girlfriend. Go on a shopping spree, watch a movie, eat out.
  • If you need to, have a good cry. You may have loved your significant other once, but now you’ve split. I know you might have hurt them or they may have hurt you. It’s okay to cry. You’ve had your emotion’s bottled up, you’ve felt like maybe you could have kept the relationship. You need to cry. Crying is good for you. It helps you get rid of the emotions you’ve kept inside you. You’ll feel better when you’re done.
  • If you’re really looking for closure, talk to your significant other. Chances are you’re not the only hurting. Talk about what caused the break up, get some closure so you know you’re not hurting and they’re not hurting.


Well these are just some tips I’ve managed to gather. Like I said, my heartbreaks were pretty minor and I’ve never dated anyone, so I’ve never experienced a heartbreak from a break up. Maybe these tips can help you through your hard times, but truly what helped me were my friends. Being around them made me forget. Your friends are there for you when you are in trouble, no matter how hard the times are.

-xoxo Suzane


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